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8 Pack - Reusable Squeezy Food Purée Pouch - 100ml

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1. Easy for travel and easy to use, gently unscrew the bag, and you can feed baby directly. It can be used for any age.
2. It is safe and secure, with high quality, and can be reused 2-3 times!
3. Made of three-layered material with toughness, is not easy to break. The first layer: PET; the second layer: environmentally friendly printing and dyeing; the third layer: low temperature resistant PE.
4. Non-spill food supplement bag, the second upgrade of the seal makes it more waterproof, more sealed. It features a food-grade material suction nozzle, the material has passed FDA certification. With knob seal design, original guarantee.
5. Mom can safely make complementary food for your little one!

Information: Capacity: 100ml homemade puree bag

How to use: You can put some fruit juice into the bag, and when you want to eat it.

Packing list: A box of 8 pieces
Features: Can be reused, repeated use is not recommended for too long, it is recommended to use for only three times.

Box size: 13*11*6.5cm

Product size: Length: about 16cm*8.5cm

When the baby grows to 3 months, the secretion of digestive enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract is gradually improved.
The 6-month-old baby gradually develops new teeth and the stomach capacity becomes larger. At this time, it is necessary to add complementary food to the baby.
4-5 months for fluid and muddy food
6-8 months for muddy and semi solid
8-9 months for small particles
10-12 months for large particles



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8 Pack - Reusable Squeezy Food Purée Pouch - 100ml

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