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Baby Self Feeding Pillow

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❤ A SMART BABY FEEDING PILLOW - This infant self feeding pillow can be used to feed when baby is seated in a stroller or lying on a baby sleeping mat. The transparent net cover bag holds the bottle, Feeding pillow has two curved handles, so it is convenient for the baby to grasp the bottle

❤ UNIQUE DESIGN - The infant self feeding pillow has a conclave concave opening in the middle which helps protecting your baby's head and neck. 

❤ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND PROTABLE - The  infant self feeding pillow can used in baby's bed, stroller, crib, car seat and more

❤ ULTRA SOFT FABRIC AND COTTON - The infant self feeding pillow is made from breathable cotton material will make your baby feel comfortable.

How to Use this Pillow 

  • Please use this pillow only in the presence of adults to prevent baby from choking on milk
  • Attach a nipple to the bottle that's recommend for your baby's age. Check the nipple's label for a recommended age range. According to the National Network for Child Care, formula or breast milk should flow through the hole at a rate of one drop per second. If it flows faster, or there is a crack in the nipple near the tip, replace it before feeding your baby.
  • Don't allow your baby's head to tilt in either direction. Before offering the bottle, allow the nipple to fill with milk.
  • Lay the nipple against your baby's lips and allow him to orient and comfortably move the nipple into his mouth. Observe your baby as he drinks the formula. If he begins to gulp, this is a sign the flow is too strong, which could cause the baby to choke. If this occurs, replace the nipple with one that flows at the proper rate.
  • Continue to feed your baby, ensuring that his head isn't tilted and is slightly elevated. If he begins to choke or gag, remove the bottle from his mouth immediately and slowly sit him up. Allow him to clear the formula or breast milk from his throat before you continue feeding.
  • Watch for signs if the baby is full. If your baby stops sucking on the nipple or spits out the formula or milk, remove the nipple from his mouth. Allowing it to remain could cause the liquid to fill your baby's mouth, which can lead to choking.
  • Remove the nipple from your baby's mouth if he falls asleep near the end of the feeding. If he's still sucking. Please provide your baby with a pacifier for this purpose.

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